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Battlefield 2042 CD Key
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Product Description

Battlefield 2042: key features:

1 Massive battles for up to 128 players,

2 A new Specialist system,

3 Dynamic weather,

4 Environmental hazards,

5 Completely new setting.

Massive battles

Battlefield 2042 focuses on a multiplayer experience. There are seven massive and diverse maps supporting up to 128 players. Moreover, you may play with your friends who use other platforms. 

The Battlefield 2042 crossplay is divided into two branches: the first consists of PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, while the other is PS4 and Xbox One.

The battlefield changes

This time enemies aren't the only threat. You'll face dynamic weather when the battleground is overwhelmed with an extreme storm and when the sound of roaring machine guns mixes with the peal of thunders. 

Moreover, soldiers must watch out for dynamic events and environmental hazards. Sandstorms affect visibility, and tornados will throw around helicopters, cars, and even players themself. So you better prepare for much more than just shooting.

All-out warfare

Discover the new Specialist system and take advantage of your unique abilities. Use a futuristic arsenal full of powerful weapons and lethal gadgets. 

Defeat your adversaries using a wide range of vehicles, including aircraft such as jets and helicopters.